October 6 Today in classical music history

  • 1600 FP of Jacopo Peri's opera Euridice at the marriage of Maria d'Medici to Henri IV of France, in Florence, Italy. Perhaps the first true opera. CD-Jacopo Peri: Euridice
  • 1618 Birth of composer Miguel Gomez Camargo
  • 1722 FP of FUX's "Le nozze di Aurora" Vienna.
  • 1739 (JC, GC=17 OCT)Handel completes Concerto Grosso in G, Op. 6, no. 3 in London.
  • 1762 Death of Italian composer Francesco Onofrio Manfredini in Pistoia. b-Pistoia, 22 June 1684.
  • 1775 Birth of German composer and organist Johann Anton ANDRE. Son of music publisher who was gifted with unpublished scores of Mozart.
  • 1777 Birth of composer William Russell
  • 1786 Death of Italian composer Antonio Maria Gaspare Sacchini in Paris. b-Pozzuole, 14 JUN 1730.
  • 1802 Heligenstadt Testament filed this date. Beethoven's will, to be opened after his death.
  • 1806 Birth of composer Andreas Randel
  • 1816 Birth of American hymn composer William B. BRADBURY in Maine. d-1868.
  • 1818 Birth of composer Joseph Rummel
  • 1820 Birth of Swedish soprano Jenny LIND in Stockholm. d- London, 2 NOV 1887. aka "The Swedish Nightingale".
  • 1827 Birth of composer Cark Reidel
  • 1837 Death of French composer Jean-Francois Lesueur, aka Le Sueur, in Paris. b-Drucat-Plessiel, 15 FEB 1760.
  • 1844 Birth of American composer Alfred ARTHUR in Pittsburgh, PA, d-Lakewood, OH 20 NOV 1818. Operas, unpublished and unperformed; The Water-carrier 1876, The Roundheads and cavaliers 1878, Adaline 1879.
  • 1851 FP of BARBIERI's "Jugar con fuego" Madrid.
  • 1853 FP of ADAM's "Le Bijou perdu" Paris.
  • 1866 Reginald Aubrey Fessenden broadcast's first program of voice with music.
  • 1868 FP Offenbach's La Perichole at 'Le Varietes' in Paris. CD-Offenbach - La Périchole / Crespin, Vanzo, Bastin, Strasbourg PO, Lombard
  • 1869 FP of Brahms' Liebeslieder Waltzes at Carlsruhe by Clara Schumann and Herman Levi. CD-Johannes Brahms: Liebeslieder Waltzes
  • 1873 Birth of American musicologist Oscar G. SONNECK in Jersey City, NJ. d-NYC, 30 OCT 1928.
  • 1874 Death of Norwegian composer Thomas Dyke Acland Tellefsen in Paris. b-Trondheim, 26 NOV 1823.
  • 1876 Birth of Italian tenor Giuseppe ANSELMI aka Antonio Giuseppe Anselmi in Catania. d-27 MAY 1929. Début at Patras, Greece, 1896–8, singing various leading Italian roles. In 1901, 1904, and 1909, he sang at Covent Garden and later in Buenos Aires, Warsaw, Moscow and St. Petersburg, and in Spain. In Madrid, he was more popular than Caruso. Taught and composed in Italy. Died of pneumonia and left his heart in Madrid, where it is preserved in a theatrical museum.
  • 1880 Birth of Dutch contralto Julia Culp, in Groningen, d. Amsterdam, Oct. 13, 1970: MET Début: Concert: May 7, 1916., 1 performance.
  • 1882 Birth of Polish composer Karol SZYMANOWSKI in Timoshovka, Ukraine. d-Lausanne, Switzerland 28 MAR 1937. Composed operetta Loteria na mezós not perfermed, 1909; Opera Hagith in Warsaw, 1922); Król Roger Warsaw, 1926. Search for Karol SZYMANOWSKI
  • 1886 Birth of Swiss pianist and conductor Edwin FISCHER. d-1960.
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  • 1887 Birth of Moravian born American soprano Maria JERITZA in Brün, Austria (now Brno). MET. d-Orange NJ, 10 JUL 1982. (1943) (95) b. : Début: Nov. 19, 1921 [Marietta] Die Tote Stadt, 12 seasons (1921-32, 50-51) 345 perf. 20 works.Search for Maria JERITZA
  • 1887 FP of PLANQUETTE's "Surcouf" in Paris and in England as "Paul Jones" London, (1/12/89).
  • 1888 Birth of composer Max Butting
  • 1892 FP of FRANCHETTI's "Cristoforo Columbo" Genoa.
  • 1896 Birth of composer Otto Siegl
  • 1902 Birth of composer Mihovil Logar
  • 1902 FP of BLECH's "Das war ich" Dresden.
  • 1907 Birth of Russian baritone Stefan Islandi. d. Reykjavik, Jan 1, 1994
  • 1909 Death of American composer and organist Dudley Buck at age 70, in West Orange, N.J. b-Hartford, CT, 10 MAR 1839.Search for Dudley Buck
  • 1909 Marriage of Russian-American pianist and conductor Ossip Gabrilovitch to Clara Clemens. Daughter of Samuel Mark Twain Clemens.
  • 1910 FP of Ralph Vaughan Williams' Symphony No. 1, A Sea Symphony, at Leeds. CD-Vaughan Williams: A Sea Symphony
  • 1911 FP of Max Reger´s A Comedy Overture. Boston Symphony, Max Fiedler conducting. CD-Orchestral Works
  • 1915 Birth of composer Edgardo Martin
  • 1919 Birth of soprano Elisabeth Schaertel.  Search for Elisabeth Schaertel
  • 1922 Birth of Italian mezzo-soprano Elena Rizzieri, in Grignano.Search for Elena Rizzieri
  • 1926 Birth of violinist Cyril Reuben.
  • 1927 Birth of Austrian pianist Paul BADURA-SKODA in Vienna.
  • Badura-Skoda: The Last Piano Sonatas by the Great Composers
  • 1927 First successful presentation of movie music. The Vitaphone picture The Jazz Singer with Al Jolsen is screened in NYC using audio discs synchronized with the film. DVD-The Jazz Singer
  • 1928 Birth of English bass Dennis WICKS. With Glyndebourne, the ENO and the Royal Opera. d-11 JUN 2003 at age 74. London Times Obituary.  Search for Dennis WICKS
  • 1935 Birth of Rumanian tenor Vaseile Moldoveanu in Bucharest. MET Début: May 19, 1977 [Rodolfo] La Bohème, 9 seasons (1976-77, 78-80, 81-87) 105 perf., 10 works.
  • 1935 Death of English composer, conductor and pianist Frederick Cowen in London. b-Kingston, Jamaica 29 JAN 1852. Search for Frederick Cowen
  • 1936 Birth of Swedish electronic music composer and movie producer Ralph LUNDSTEN in Neder-Lulea. Search for Ralph LUNDSTEN
  • 1938 Birth of soprano Jacqueline Van Quaille. 
  • 1939 Birth of American pianist and teacher Elinor ARMER in Oakland, CA. Search for Elinor ARMER
  • 1938 Birth of American composer Joan TOWER in New Rochelle, NY. Search for Joan TOWER
  • 1939 FP of William Schuman's American Festival Overture, Boston Symphony, Serge Koussevitzky conducting. CD-William Schuman: Symphony No. 10 / New England Triptych / American Festival Overture
  • 1942 Birth of English tenor Keith Erwin, in Durham. d. Oct. 13, 1984
  • 1943 Birth of German composer Udo ZIMMERMANN in Dresden. Search for Udo ZIMMERMANN Bio.
  • 1947 Death of Finnish composer Leevi Antti Madetoja in Helsinki. b-Oulu, 17 FEB 1887. Search for Leevi Antti Madetoja
  • 1950 Birth of New Zealand tenor Keith LEWIS.
  • 1960 FP of John Cages's Cartridge Music in Cologne, Germany. 
  • Cartridge Music (Cage)
  • 1962 Birth of composer Liduino PITOMBEIRASearch for Liduino PITOMBEIRA
  • 1963 FP of J. Ibert´s Symphonie Marine (1931) in Paris. CD-Ibert: Escales; Divertissement; Symphonie marine
  • 1971 Birth of Israeli composer, conductor and pianist Lior NAVOK in Tel-Aviv. Search for Lior NAVOK
  • 1977 FP of M. Tippett´s Symphony No. 4. Chicago Symphony, Sir Georg Solti conducting. CD-Michael Tippett: Symphony No. 4 / Fantasia Concertante on a Theme of Corelli / Fantasia on a Theme of Handel - Richard Hickox / Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra / Howard Shelley
  • 1991 FP of A. Hovhaness' Symphony No. 65, Op. 428 Artstakh. Hovhaness conducting at Carnegie Hall in NYC.
  • 1994 Death of American soprano Virginia Olson. Founder of St. Paul Opera. (Now Northstar Opera)
  • 1996 FP of Zemlinksy´s opera Der König Candaules ´King Candaules´ (Unfinished in 1936), posthumously, at the Staatsoper in Hamburg. It was completed by Anthony Beaumont. CD-Zemlinsky: Der König Kandaules
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