Today in classical music history SEPTEMBER 18

Francesca CACCINI
  • 1587 Birth of Italian composer Francesca CACCINI  in Florence. d-Florence, 1640.Search for Francesca CACCINI
  • 1636 Birth of composer Pietro Sanmartini
  • 1672 FP of PROVENZALE: "La colomba ferota" sacred opera, Naples (1672).
  • 1684 Birth of composer and musicologist Johann Gottfried WALTHER in Erfurt, Germany. Weimar town organist. d-Weimar, 23 MAR 1748.
  • 1693 Vivaldi (1678-1741) enters clergy in Venice at age 15.
  • 1700 Vivaldi becomes deacon of church in Venice at age 22.
  • 1752 Birth of composer Johann Anton Sulzer
  • 1765 Birth of American hymn composer Oliver HOLDEN in
    Shirley, MA. d-Charlestown, MA 4 SEP 1844.His popular tune was Coronation, to Edward Perronet's hymn All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name, Union Harmony (1793). With Samuel Holyoke and Hans Gram he edited The Massachusetts Compiler (1795), an important collection and study of sacred vocal music.
  • 1772 Birth of composer Martin-Pierre Dalvimare
  • 1784 FP of SACCHINI: "Dardanus" Versaille in the presence of LouisXVI, and Marie Antoinette.
  • 1786 Death of Italian violin craftsman Giovanni Guadagnini in Turin. b-Cremona, 1711.
  • 1819 FP of AUBER: "Le testament et les billets-doux" Paris.
  • 1824 FP of MERCADANTE's "Doralice" dramma semiserio, Vienna.
  • 1833 FP of ADAM: "Le Proscrit".
  • 1838 Birth of Austrian bass-baritone Emil SCARIA in Graz.
  • 1859 Birth of French soprano Blanche Deschamps-Jéhin. d. 1923.
  • 1860 Birth of Italian Opera composer Alberto FRANCHETTI in Turin. d. Viareggio, Aug. 4, 1942
  • 1878 FP of SMETANA: "Tajemství" Prague.
  • 1883 Birth of English composer Gerald Tyrwhitt, aka Lord BERNERS in Arley Park, Bridgenorth. d-Farringdon House, Berkshire 19 APR 1950.
  • 1884 FP of HERVÉ's "La nuit aux soufflets" Paris.
  • 1885 Birth of composer Abdul Muslim Mahomayev.
  • 1890 Birth of composer Vladimir Ambros.
  • 1893 Birth of Australian composer Arthur BENJAMIN in Sydney. Jamaican Rumba. d-London, 9 APR 1960. CD-Jamaican Rumba: music by Arthur Benjamin
  • 1897 Birth of Spanish composer Pablo SOROZABAL in Donostia, San Sebastian. d-Madrid, 26 DEC 1988.
  • 1903 Death of German composer Theodor Kirchner in Hamburg. b-Neukirchen, 10 OCT 1823.
  • 1905 Birth of American choreographer Agnes De MILLE in NYC. d-NYC 7 OCT 1993.
  • 1906 Birth of German tenor Max Baltruschat in Berlin. d. May 20, 1988.
  • 1910 Birth of Polish born Israeli composer Josef TAL (Gruenthal) in Pinne (Posen).
  • 1910 Birth of American composer Leon STEIN. d- 2002.
  • 1916 Birth of tenor Josef Simandy.
  • 1917 The Honolulu Ad Club patents the ukulele (oo koo LAY lay).
  • 1918 Death of English composer and organist Ernest Bristow Farrar in Somme, France. b-London, 7 JUL 1885.
  • 1919 Death of soprano Julia Heinrich [aka: Julia Henry] in Alabama. b.1880 the daughter of popular German baritone Max Heinrich,(1853-1916). Her début in Germany in 1910 joined the Met in 1915 in 1919, she went on tour as a demonstration artist for the Edison company. Her Edison discs were recorded as 'Julia Henry'. Following a concert in Louisiana, while waiting on train station platform she was killed by a derailed locomotive.VIDEO
  • 1927 First broadcast by the Columbia Phonograph Broadcasting System. On July 8, 1929 changes name to Columbia Broadcasting System.
  • 1928 Birth of composer Adam Walacinski.
  • 1933 Birth of composer Manfred Niehaus.
  • 1934 FP of JANÁCEK's "Osud" Brno, Radio (1934); first stage; Oct. 25, 1958.
  • 1936 Birth of German mezzo-soprano Ruth Hesse in Wüppertal.Search for Ruth Hesse
  • 1937 Birth of American choral conductor and composer Norman DINERSTEIN. d- 1982.
  • 1939 Birth of composer Naresh Kumar Sohal.
  • 1939 Death of Dutch composer Cornelis Dopper in Amsterdam. b-Stadskanaal, 7 FEB 1870.Search for Cornelis Dopper
  • 1941 Birth of composer Haflidi Magnus Hallgrimmson.
  • 1942 Birth of American composer Robert S. FROST.
  • 1943 Birth of composer Michael Vetter.
  • 1944 Birth of bass Gunther Emmerlich, in Iron Mountain, Thuringia.Search for Gunther Emmerlich.
  • 1944 Birth of soprano Siv Wennberg.Search for Siv Wennberg.
  • 1948 Prokofiev begins work on his ballet Tale of the Stone Flower after a story by P. Bazhov.CD-Sergei Prokofiev: The Tale Of The Stone Flower.
  • 1949 Birth of American conductor Thomas FULTON.
  • 1953 Birth of American conductor John McGLINN.Search for John McGLINN
  • 1953 Birth of American baritone Brian Schexnayder, in Port Arthur, TX. MET Début: Dec. 17, 1980 [Silvio] I Pagliacci, 10 seasons (1980-81, 82-91) 207 perf., 15 works.
  • 1954 FP of Virgil Thomson's Concerto for flute, strings and percussion, in Venice.
  • 1960 FP of Krystof Penderecki's Dimensions of Time and Silence during The Autumn International Festival of Contemporary Music in Warsaw.Search for Virgil Thomson
  • 1961 FP of Norman DELLO JOIO's "Blood Moon" San Francisco Search for DELLO JOIO.
  • 1964 Birth of Italian composer Luca BELCASTRO in Como.
  • 1971 Birth of Russian soprano Anna Yuryevna Netrebko. She now holds dual Russian and Austrian citizenship and currently resides in Vienna. She has been nicknamed "La Bellissima" by fans.
  • 1972 Birth of American pianist Simone Dinnerstein. Search for Simone DinnersteinBach: A Strange Beauty
  • 1976 The MET Opera company staged its first Marathon benefit concert. Fourteen stars appeared in arias and duets. Broadcast over WQXR. After each performer sang, they came forward to plead for support for the Met, many in their native tongue--Quilico in French, Kubiak—Polish, Díaz—Spanish, and Geddda in Swedish.
  • 1978 FP of Dmitry Shostakovich's "The Gamblers" unfinished; Lenningrad (1978).Search for Shostakovich The gamblers
  • 1979 Defection of Bolshoi Ballet dancers Leonid & Valentina Kozlova.
  • 1981 Birth of Spanish composer Roger Julià SATORRA in Manresa.
  • 1986 FP of John Corigliano's Fantasia on an Ostinato by the New York Philharmonic, conducted by Zubin Mehta.
    Fantasia on an Ostinato
  • 1987 FP of Tutino's "Cirano" Alessandria.
  • 1998 FP of Bright Sheng's Spring Dreams with cellist Yo-Yo Ma and the Seattle Symphony conducted by Gerard Schwarz. Search for Bright Sheng.
  • 1998 FP of Michael Torke's Lucent Variations. St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, Hugh Wolff conducting in St. Paul, MN.Search for Michael Torke.
  • 2003 FP of Gerald Levinson's Avatar. Conductor Christoph Eschenbach conducting concert as new musical director of The Philadelphia Orchestra. Also Bernstein's Jeremiah Symphony No, 1 and Brahms Symphony No, 1, at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia.
  • 2003 FP of John Corigliano's Violin Concerto. Joshua Bell with Baltimore Symphony, Marin Alsop, conducting in Baltimore, MD.Search for John Corigliano
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