Today in classical music history SEPTEMBER 19

  • 1705 Birth of composer Henri-Jacques de Croes, a Flemish band master.
  • 1705 Birth of French harpsichordist and teacher Marguerite-Antoinette COUPERIN in Paris. d-Paris, 1778. Daughter of composer Francois. Wiki Bio
  • 1794 FP of GRÉTRY's "Callias, ou Nature et patrie" Paris (1794).Search for GRÉTRY
  • 1824 (9th?) Birth of Austrian zither virtuoso and composer Karl Ignaz UMLAUF in Baden, nr Vienna. d-Vienna, 25 FEB 1902.
  • 1829 Birth of German music publisher Gustav SCHIRMER in Saxon. In 1866 he founded the
    music publishing house that bears his name in NYC. (Boston firm founded by E. C. Schirmer). d-Eisenach, 5 AUG 1893.
  • 1837 Birth of composer Adolf Gustaw Sonnenfeld
  • 1839 FP of ADAM: "La Reine d'un jour" Paris (1839). La Reine d'un Jour. Overture. [P. F.] (Alliance Musicale. Album bijou)
  • 1851 Birth of French composer, organist and pianist Paul Etienne WACHS in Paris. d-St. Mande, 6 JUL 1915. Search for Paul Etienne WACHS
  • 1855 Birth of Hungarian soprano Katharina KLAFSKY in St. Johann. d. Hamburg, Sep. 22, 1896.
    She began her career at Vienna as a nursery maid, and sang in the chorus in various opera houses (1874), and then, she began to appear in minor roles in Salzburg, and Leipzig. In 1892, she sang for the first time in London [Brünhilde] and [Isolde]. She sang in the U.S.(1895). She sang with the Damrosch Opera Co., but died of brain disease in 1896. Klafsky was engaged by the Met for the 1896-97 season, but she died before her début. Reportedly she was one of the most spectacular prima donnas of her day, and her death at the early age of forty-one, was mourned by opera lovers.
  • 1856 FP of MAILLART: "Les Dragons de Villars" Paris (1856). Ouverture, Les Dragons de Villars. A. Maillart. Edited by I. A. de Orellana (Donajowski)
  • 1868 Birth of Prussian tenor Felix Senius in Königsbergorn. d. Königsbergdied, Oct. 1, 1913.
  • 1882 Birth of composer Paul-Marie Masson
  • 1884 FP of AUDRAN's revision of "Le grand mogol" in Paris.
  • 1893 Birth of Austrian violinist Godfrey LUDLOW. Search for Godfrey LUDLOW
  • 1893 FP of BERUTTI's "Evangelina" Milarahms'sn.
  • 1894 FP of J. Brahms two Clarinet Sonatas, Op. 120. A private performance in the home of the sister of the Duke of Meiningen at Berchtesgaden, Germany. Search for Brahms two Clarinet Sonatas, Op. 120
  • 1900 Birth of French composer Solomon PIMSLEUR in Paris. d- 1962. Search for Solomon PIMSLEUR
  • 1906 Birth of composer Dalibor Cyril Vackar
  • 1906 Birth of composer Massimo Freccia
  • 1908 FP of Mahler's 7th Symphony, Song of the Night composer conducting in Prague. CD-Symphony 7
  • 1911 Birth of composer Weldon HART. d-20 NOV 1957.
  • 1911 Birth of Swedish composer Allan PETTERSON in Vastra Ryd. d-Stockholm, 20 JUN 1980.
  • 1912 Birth of German conductor Kurt SANDERLING in Arys. Berlin State Opera, Moscow Radio Symphony 1936-41, Leningrad Philharmonic 1941, East Berlin Symphony 1960, Dresden State Orchestra. d-17 September 2011
  • 1918 Birth of American mezzo-soprano Blanche THEBOM in Monessen, PA. MET Opera Début: Nov. 28, 1944 (Philadelphia's Academy of Music) [Brangäne] Tristan und Isolde, 22 seasons (1944-59, 60-67) 356 perf., 28 roles, 27 works.
  • 1918 Death of English pianist and singer Elizabeth Lehmann in Pinner. b-London, 11 JUL 1862.
  • 1919 Birth of American mezzo-soprano Blanche Thebom, in Monessen PA.
  • 1920 Birth of composer Karen Khachiturian
  • 1920 Death of Russian composer Alexander Lazarevich LOKSHIN in Moscow. b-Siberia, 11 JUN 1987.
  • 1923 FP of F. Delius's A Song before Sunrise in London. Henry Wood conducting. CD-Delius: Orchestral Works
  • 1924 Birth of composer Ernest Tomlinson
  • 1925 FP of BOERO's "Las Bacantes" Buenos Aires (1925).
  • 1926 Birth of English conductor, organist and composer Arthur WILLS in Coventry.
  • 1926 Birth of American composer Robert JORDAHL.
  • 1927 FP of A. Schoenberg's String Quartet No. 3, by the Kolisch Quartet, in Vienna.
  • 1928 FP of ROMBERG's "The New Moon" operetta (1928).The New Moon (2003 Encores! Revival Concert Cast)
  • 1930 Birth of composer Muhal Richard Abrams
  • 1937 FP of excerpts from H. Hanson's Symphony No. 3 on a CBS Radio network concert conducted by the composer. The first complete performance was on the NBC radio network by the NBC Symphony, with the composer conducting, on 26 MAR 1938.
  • 1938 Birth of composer Zygmunt Krauze
  • 1942 Birth of Ukranian composer Evgeny STANKOVICH in Spaliava.
  • 1948 FP of ATTERBERG's "Stormen" Stockholm (1948).
  • 1949 Death of Greek composer Nikos Skalkottas at age 45, in Athens. b-Chalcis, Eubea, 8 MAR 1904. Search for Nikos Skalkottas
  • 1950 Birth of English tenor Bonaventura Bottone. MET Début: Jan. 9, 1998 [Singer] Capriccio, 1 season (1997-98) 16 perf., 1 role.
  • 1950 Birth of American counter-tenor Jeffery Gall in Cleveland.
  • 1959 Birth of American composer Mark GUSTAVSON in Brooklyn, NY.
  • 1963 Death of Bulgarian-American bass Ivan Petroff in Bulgaria. Search for Ivan Petroff
  • 1968 Birth of Polish composer Pawel LUKASZEWSKI in Czestochowa.
  • 1970 FP of Morton Feldman's The Viola in My Life No. 1 for viola and orchestra, in London.
  • 1972 Death of French pianist and composer Robert Casadesus. b-7 APR 1899. Search for Robert Casadesus
  • 1998 FP of André Previn's opera A Streetcar Named Desire with Rene Fleming, San Francisco Opera, Previn conducting. Previn - A Streetcar Named Desire / Previn, Fleming, Gilfry, San Francisco Opera
  • 1998 FP of Michael Torke's Jasper for orchestra. Madison Symphony, John DeMain conducting in Madison, WI.
  • 1999 FP of Elmer Bernstein's Guitar Concerto. Honolulu Symphony conducted by Samuel Wong with soloist Christopher Parkening guitarist in Balisdell Concert Hall, Honolulu, HI.
  • 2002 FP of John Adams's On the Transmigration of Souls for vocal soloists, chorus and orchestra. New York Philharmonic, Lorin Maazel conducting.
    John Adams: On the Transmigration of Souls
  • 2003 FP of Param Vir's Ion with libretto by David Lan. Soloists with Opera National du Rhin and Orchestra Symphonique de Mulhouse/Rafferty, in Strasbourg, France.

  • 2010 Death of bass László Polgár born January 1, 1947 in Budapest, Hungary, László Polgár studied with Eva Kutrucz at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music, 1967–72, and later privately with Hans Hotter.
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