NOVEMBER 1 Today in classical music history

Heinrich Schutz

  • 1618 Birth of composer Johannes FLITTNER. d - 7 Jan 1678 Death at 59 

  • 1666 Birth of English composer James SHERARD in Bushby. Was botanist and apothecary, had gardens famous for rare plants at Eltham, south of Greenwich. d-Evington, 1738.

  • 1672 Death of German composer Heinrich Schutz, at 87. b- 14 OCT 1585.  Search for Heinrich Schutz. Is generally regarded as the most important German composer before J.S. Bach.

  • 1711 Death of composer Christian Demelius, at 68. Search for Christian Demelius

  • 1731 Birth of composer Theodore-Jean TARADE. Search for Theodore-Jean TARADE.

  • 1738 Handel finishes Israel in EgyptSearch for Israel in Egypt

  • 1748 Birth of German composer Christoph RHEINECKSearch for Christoph RHEINECK

  • 1750 Death of Italian composer Giuseppe Sammartini, at 55. b- Milan 1695. Search for Giuseppe Sammartini

  • 1761 Birth of composer Antonin Josef Alois VOLANEK.

  • 1768 Death of Dutch composer Pierre van Maldere, at 39 in Brussels. b-Brussels, 16 October 1729. Search for Pierre van Maldere

  • 1768 FP of HASSE's "Piramo e Tisbe" Vienna.

  • 1788 Death of German composer Johann Samuel Schroeter. b-1752. Search for Johann Samuel Schroeter

  • 1805 Birth of composer Alessandro NINI (Nini Alessandro)Search for Alessandro NINI

  • 1810 Death of German composer Georg Anton Kreusser, at 64. b-13 MAY 1776. Search for Georg Anton Kreusser

  • 1817 Death of Italian composer Giovanni Calisto Andrea Zanotti, at 79.

  • 1825 Death of Portugese composer Rodrigo Ferreira da Costa, at 49.

  • 1830 Chopin leaves home town of Warsaw, Poland for the last time. Leaves for Vienna with cup of Polish soil eventually buried with him. Search for Chopin biography

  • Chopin's Letters

  • 1832 Birth of Danish composer Johann Gottfred Matthison-HANSEN. d-1909.

  • 1844 Death of German composer August Ferdinand Haeser, at 45. b-1799. Search for August Ferdinand Haeser

  • 1847 Birth of Canadian soprano Emma ALBANI (Lajeunesse) in Montreal. d-London, 3 APR 1930. Search for Emma ALBANI. Studied at the Convent du Sacre-Coeur in Montreal, 1858-1865. MET Opera début, 20 NOV 1891 as Valentine in Les Huguenots 1 season, 1891-92.

  • 1851 Birth of French composer Andre WORMSER. Search for Andre WORMSER

  • 1854 Birth of American composer William Paris CHAMBERS. d-1913. Search for William Paris CHAMBERS

  • 1855 Birth of Austrian music critic and historian Guido ADLER in Moravia.

  • 1859 Birth of Irish organist, teacher and music historian William Hartley Grattan FLOOD in Lismore.

  • 1861 Birth of Czech violinist, conductor and composer Vasa SUK. Conducted Imperial Opera in Moscow.

  • 1862 Birth of Dutch organist, teacher and composer Johan WAGENAAR in Utrecht. d-The Hague, 17 JUN 1941. Search for Johan WAGENAAR

  • 1862 Birth of Polish pianist, teacher and composer Alexander LAMBERT. In USA from 1887.

  • 1863 Birth of German composer Alfred REISENAUERSearch for Alfred REISENAUER

  • 1871 Birth of Russian composer Alexander SPENDIAROV in Kakhovka. d-Erivan, 1928. Student of Rimsky-Korsakov. Known as the father of the Armenian music. His works include operas, orchestral, and choral works.

  • 1873 Birth of French composer Charles QUEF aka Paul Florimond in Lille. d-Paris, 2 July 1931.

  • 1877 Birth of English composer Roger QUILTER in Brighton. d-London, 21 SEP 1953. Search for Roger QUILTER

  • 1887 Birth of German composer Max TRAPP in Berlin. d-Berlin, 31 MAY 1971. Sergei Rachamninov, Max Trapp, Beethoven

  • 1887 Birth of American contralto-soprano Eleonora Cisneros,  [née Eleanor Bradfoot] in New York. d. Feb. 3, 1934. MET Début: Nov. 24, 1899 [Rossweisse] Die Walküre, 1season (1899-1900) 19 perf. 4 roles.

  • 1890 Birth of composer Paul PRATT. d-7 JUL 1948. Works list.

  • 1895 Death of composer Aleksander Zarzycki, at 61.

  • 1902 Birth of German conductor Eugen JOCHUM in Babenhausen, Bavaria. d-Munich, 26 MAR 1987. Conductor and musical director of the Hamburg State Opera, 1934-45. Search for Eugen JOCHUM

  • Classic Archive: Eugen Jochum

  • 1907 Birth of composer Rio GEBHARDT. d-1944. Search for Rio GEBHARDT

  • 1908 Birth of American tenor Felix Knight, in Macon, Georgia. d. NYC, June 18, 1998. Sang in the motion picture 'Babes In ToyLand' With Laurel and Hardy.

  • March of The Wooden Soldiers, Laurel and Hardy DVD

  • 1909 Birth of Croatian composer Bruno BJELINSKI in Trieste. d-Island of Silba, Croatia, 3 SEP 1992. Search for Bruno BJELINSKI

  • 1911 Birth of  Hungarian soprano Lady Viola Tate,  in Pressburg, now Bratislava, Slovakia. d. Melbourne, Feb. 6, 2003.

  • 1913 FP of LEONCAVALLO's "Are you There?" London.

  • 1918 FP of MONTEMEZZI's "La nave" Milan.

  • 1921 Birth of Rumanian-born Czech composer Jan TAUSINGERSearch for Jan TAUSINGER

  • 1921 Birth of composer John Willard PETERSON.

  • 1923 Birth of Spanish soprano Victoria DE LOS ANGELES in Barcelona. MET Opera début, 17 MAR 1951 as Marguerite in Faust, 10 seasons, 1950-56, 57-61. d-Barcelona, 15 JAN 2005. Search for Victoria DE LOS ANGELES

  • The Very Best of Victoria de los Angeles

  • 1923 Birth of French bass-baritone Ernest Blanc, in Sanary. Studied in Toulon and Paris. Search for Ernest Blanc

  • 1926 Birth of American composer Louis CALABRO in Brooklyn, NY. Search for Louis CALABRO

  • 1929 Birth of American composer Richard COOLEDGE.

  • 1929 Birth of Polish violinist Wanda WILKOMIRSKASearch for Wanda WILKOMIRSKA

  • Violin Concertos: Wieniawski, Szymanowski, Khachaturian, Shostakovich

  • 1932 Birth of Argentine baritone Gian Piero MASTROMEI in Camaiore. Search for Gian Piero MASTROMEI

  • 1933 FP of DUNHILL's "Happy Families" Guildford.

  • 1934 Birth of Welsh composer William MATHIAS in Whitland. d-Anglesea, 29 JUL 1992. Search for William MATHIAS

  • 1942 Death of German composer Hugo Distler, at 34, suicide in Berlin. b-Nürnberg, 24 JUN 1908. Search for Hugo Distler

  • 1945 Birth of American bass-baritone John Ostendorf, in New York City. Search for John Ostendorf

  • 1948 FP of A. Copland's The Red Pony Suite from his filmscore. Houston Symphony, Efrem Kurtz conducting. CD-Copland: Red Pony for orchestra; Music

  • 1954 American debut of soprano Maria Callas in Bellini's Norma in Chicago, IL. 

  • Norma: Act II: In mia mano alfin tu sei (Norma)

  • 1955 Birth ofcCounter-tenor Drew Minter in Washington D.C.
  • 1961 Death of Italian tenor Renato Gigli.  b, Grotte di Castro, 1902.

  • 1962 Birth of Swiss composer Roman PIERUZEK in Geneva.

  • 1962 Death of composer Winter Haynes Watts, at 78.

  • 1964 FP of Virgil Thomson's The Feast of Love, for baritone and chamber ensemble, at the 13th Coolidge Festival in Washington, D.C. CD-The Virgil Thomson Foundation & CRI Presents:

  • 1975 Death of Belgian composer Norbert Rosseau, at 67. b-1905.

  • 1975 Death of American composer Philip James, at 85. A composer of choral and orchestral music. b-17 May 1890 in Jersey City, NJ.

  • 1975 FP of Conrad SUSA's "Block River" Minnesota Opera  w/Barbara Brant, Janis Hardy (m/s); Margaret Smith; and Michael Riley; based on Michael Lesy's book Wisconsin Death Trip, inspired by the unhappy life of soprano Pauline L'Allemand [neé Ellhasser] (s) (1862-???) U.S.

  • 1982 Death of English composer, film scores and concert pieces, Leighton Lucas, at 79. b- 1903. Search for Leighton Lucas

  • 1983 Death of Dutch musicologist Anthony van Hoboken, (Haydn Catalog), at 96. Search for Anthony van Hoboken

  • 2003 Death of American composer Kent W. Kennan, Univ Texas, Austin, Professor of Music Emeritus and a prominent figure in the composition of American classical music, Kennan's numerous compositions have been widely performed and published. Best known is "Night Soliloquy," which in the version for flute and strings has been played by all the major orchestras in the country under conductors including Toscanini, Ormandy, Stokowski, and Ozawa, and recorded under six different labels. Retirement announcement. b-Milwaukee, WI 18 APR 1911. 

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