NOVEMBER 2 Today in classical music history

Signoretti: Missa Loquebantur/Vesperina Psalmodia
  • 1635 Death of Italian composer Aurelio Signoretti, at 68. b-25 APR 1567.
  • 1692 Birth of Dutch composer Unico Wilhelm van WASSENAER in Delden. d-The Hague, 6 NOV 1766. Search for Unico Wilhelm van WASSENAER
  • 1717 Death of German composer Johann Jacob Walther in Mainz. b-Witterda, 1650. Search for Johann Jacob Walther
  • 1723 FP of Bach's Sacred Cantata No. 194 Höchsterwünschtes Freudenfest. Dedication of the Störmthal church and organ in Störmthal. Search for Höchsterwünschtes Freudenfest
  • 1731 Death of German organist and composer Johann Matthias Leffloth, at 26, in Nuremberg. b-Nuremberg, 1705.

  • 1739 Birth of Austrian violinist and composer Karl Ditters von DITTERSDORF in Vienna. Concertmaster in the Esterhazy Orchestra. d-Neuhof, 24 OCT 1799. Search for Karl Ditters von DITTERSDORF
  • 1752 Birth of Count Andrey Kyrillovich RAZUMOVSKY in St. Petersburg, from 1792 the Russian Ambassador to Vienna. He commissioned Beethoven's three String Quartets Op 59 in 1806, and was dedicatee of the Fifth and Sixth Symphonies. d-Vienna, 23 SEP 1836.
  • 1764 FP of ARNE's w/com. Battishill: "Almena" London.
  • 1782 FP of BERTONI's "Il convito, or The Banquet" London.
  • 1785 Birth of German pianist and composer Frederic KALKBRENNER in Kassel. d-Deuil, 10 JUN 1849. Search for Frederic KALKBRENNER
  • 1785 Birth of German composer Johann Leopold FUCHS. Search for Johann Leopold FUCHS
  • 1793 FP of Boieldieu's "La Fille coupable" Roun.
  • 1795 FP of HAEFFNER's & Com/Kreutzer: "Lodoiska" Stockholm.
  • 1812 Beethoven scores a work for trombones, EqualiSearch for Equali by Beethoven
  • 1833 FP of Cherubini's "Ali-Baba, ou Les Quarante Voleurs" Paris.
  • 1837 Birth of French conductor Auguste VIANESI. Led FP of Faust at the MET.
  • 1842 Birth of German pianist, conductor and composer Otto REUBKE in Hausneindorf. Son of Adolf ReubkeSearch for Otto REUBKE
  • 1843 Birth of English composer Caryl FLORIO (William James Robjohn) in Tavistock. d-Asheville, NC 1920. Search for Caryl FLORIO
  • 1843 Birth of Hungarian composer Elek ERKEL in Pest. Son of Franz Erkel. d-Budapest, 10 JUN 1899. Search for Elek ERKEL
  • 1845 Death of French composer Chretien d'Urhan, at 55 in Belleville. b-Montjoie, 16 FEB 1790.
  • 1846 Birth of Spanish composer Antonio Pena y GONI in Madrid. d-13 NOV 1903. Search for Antonio Pena y GONI
  • 1858 Birth of German tenor Whilhelm Grüning, in Berlin. d. Dec. 2, 1942.
  • 1861 Birth of German bass-baritone Leopold Demuth, in Brno. d. Czemowitz, Mar. 4, 1910. 
  • Lebendige Vergangenheit - Leopold Demuth
  • 1865 Birth of German nezzo-soprano Marie Götze, in Berlin. d. Feb. 18, 1922. Search for Marie Götze
  • 1873 FP of Brahms' Variations On a Theme by Haydn, in Vienna by The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Felix Dessoff. CD-Brahms: Symphony No. 1; Haydn Variations; Academic Festival Overture
  • 1876 Birth of composer Eugeniusz Morawsky-DABROWA. d-23 OCT 1950.
  • 1877 FP of C. Saint-Saens Fourth Piano Concerto in c, composer was soloist, in Paris. Search for Saint-Saens Fourth Piano Concerto
  • 1880 Birth of English composer John FOULDS in Hulme, Manchester. d-Calcutta, 24 APR 1939. Search for John FOULDS
  • 1882 Death of Mexican composer Cenobio Paniagua y Vasques, at 61.
  • 1882 FP of Dvorák's String Quartet No. 11, in Berlin. CD-Dvorák: The String Quartets
  • 1883 Birth of composer Frico KAFENDA in Robotnícke noviny, Bratislava.
  • 1884 Birth of French tenor René Lapelletrie,  in Libourne. d. Bordeaux, 1956.
  • 1884 Death of composer Auguste Emmanuel Vaucorbeil, at 62. Search for Auguste Emmanuel Vaucorbeil
  • 1886 Birth of French soprano Gabrielle Ritter-Ciampi, in Paris. d. July 18, 1974.
  • Carnaval de Venise : variations et vocalises
  • 1887 Birth of Italian soprano Eugenia Manetti, in Florence. d. New York, Feb. 14, 1974.
  • 1887 Death of Swedish coloratura soprano Jenny Lind 'The Swedish Nightingale', at Malvern Wells, England, at age 67. b-Stockholm, 6 OCT 1820. Search for The Swedish Nightingale
  • 1892 Birth of Hungarian composer Paul ABRAHAM in Apatin. d-Hamburg, 6 MAY 1960. Search for Paul ABRAHAM
  • 1900 Reorganization of the Schola Cantorum of Paris as a music school by Vincent d'Indy. Search for Schola Cantorum of Paris
  • 1904 (3rd?) Birth of Latvian-Canadian conductor and composer Janis KALNINS in Riga. Search for Janis KALNINS
  • 1906 Birth of Italian stage producer Luchino VISCONTI in Milan. d-1976.
  • 1907 Birth of Italian tenor Luigi Fort, in Turin. d. Milan, Feb. 6, 1976. Search for Luigi Fort
  • 1907 Birth of Swedish baritone Sigurd Björling, in Stockholm. Search for Sigurd Björling
  • 1907 FP of FALL's "Die Dollarprinzessin" Vienna.
  • 1909 Birth of Italian bass Luciano Neroni, in Ripatransone. d. Oct. 23, 1951. Search for Luciano Neroni
  • 1912 Birth of composer Jouko Paavo Kalervo TOLONEN.
  • 1915 Birth of New Zealand composer Douglas LILBURN in Wanganui. d-NZ, 6 JUN 2001. Search for Douglas LILBURN
  • 1920 Birth of Columbia composer Fabio Gonzalez-ZULETASearch for Fabio Gonzalez-ZULETA
  • 1920 FP of FRANCKENSTEIN's "Des Kaisers Dichter" Hamburg.
  • 1921 Birth of Portugese composer Fernando Correia de OLIVEIRA.
  • 1928 FP of Dmitri Shostakovitch's 1st Symphony in USAmerica. Leopold Stokowski conducting the Philadelphia Orchestra. CD-Shostakovich: Symphonies Nos. 1 & 7
  • 1929 Birth of conductor and composer Harold FARBERMAN, in NYC. Search for Harold FARBERMAN
  • 1929 Birth of Yugoslav composer Milan STIBILJSearch for Milan STIBILJ
  • 1935 FP of GOTOVAC's "Ero s onoga suijeta" Zagreb.
  • 1937 Death of composer and pianist Maude Valerie White, at 82, in London. b-Dieppe, Normandy, 23 JUN 1855. Search for Maude Valerie White
  • 1939 FP of Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco's Piano Concerto No. 2. New York Philharmonic, John Barbirolli conducting, composer was soloist. Search for Castelnuovo-Tedesco's Piano Concerto No. 2
  • 1943 Birth of American soprano Faye ROBINSON in Houston TX. Search for Faye ROBINSON
  • 1944 Birth of French stage producer Patrice CHEREAU in Lézigne, Maine-et-Loire. Search for Patrice CHEREAU
  • 1945 FP of Gian Carlo Menotti's Piano Concerto, by the Boston Symphony, Richard Burgin conducting, Rudolf Firkusny was the soloist. Search for Menotti Piano Concerto
  • 1946 Birth of American soprano Ruth Falcon, in Residence, LA. MET Début: Nov. 13, 1989 [Empress] Die Frau ohne Schatten, 4 seasons (1989-90, 91-92, 95-97) 11 perf., 4 works.
  • 1946 Birth of Italian conductor and composer Giuseppe SINOPOLI in Venice, Italy. d-Berlin 20 APR 2001. MET Opera 11 MAR 1985, Tosca, 1984-85. Search for Giuseppe SINOPOLI
  • 1947 Birth of Australian composer David Anthony Ahern in Sydney.
  • 1949 Death of Spanish soprano Maria Galvany in Rio de Janeiro. b-Granada, 1878. Studied at the Madrid Conservatory. Début as Lucia in Cartagena 1897. Specialized in coloratura roles, she sang with great success in Spain and Italy, gaining her greatest popularity in South America. Search for Maria Galvany
  • 1954 Birth of Scottish soprano Marie McLAUGHLINSearch for Marie McLAUGHLIN
  • 1956 Death of Ukranian composer Jacob Weinberg, at 77. b-Odessa. Search for Jacob Weinberg
  • 1957 Birth of American composer Paul MORAVECSearch for Paul MORAVEC
  • 1958 Death of English composer Adam von Ahn Carse, at 80. b-Newcastle upon Tyne, 19 MAY 1878. Search for Adam von Ahn Carse
  • 1959 FP of Henry Cowell's Variations for Orchestra. Houston Symphony, Leopold Stokowski conducting.
  • Cowell: Variations For Orchestra
  • 1960 Death of Greek born American conductor Dimitri Metropoulos of a heart attack rehearsing the Mahler third Sym with La Scala Orch in Milan. Search for Dimitri Metropoulos
  • 1960 FP of Dmitri Shostakovitch's 8th String quartet, in Leningrad. CD-Shostakovitch: The Complete String Quartets (Box Set)
  • 1962 Death of Italian composer Felice Lattuada, at 80. b-5 FEB 1882. Search for Felice Lattuada
  • 1964 Death of Dutch oboist Haakon Stotun, at 49.
  • 1968 Death of composer Ernst Hess, at 56. b-1912. Search for Ernst Hess
  • 1978 FP of Druckman's Concerto for Viola and Orchestra, with soloist Sol Greiyzer, James Levine conducting. CD-Jacob Druckman: Brangle; Counterpoise; Viola Concerto
  • 1979 FP of Peter Shaffer's musical Amadeus, premieres in London. CD-Peter Shaffer's Amadeus
  • 1990 FP of Lou Harrison's Symphony No. 4, Damon Evans, tenor and Dennis Russell Davies conducting the Brooklyn Philharmonic at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in NYC. Search for Harrison's Symphony No. 4
  • 1997 Death of Argentinian composer Pompeyo CAMPS in Buenos Aires. b-Paraná, Province of Entre Rios 27 OCT 1924.
  • 2003 FP of John Harbison's Two Motets based on Romans and John testiments. Emmanuel Music series, Emmanuel Church, 15 Newbury Street, Boston, MA.
  • Harbison: Violin Concerto/Recordare/Seven Motets

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