Johann Rudolf ZUMSTEEG

  • 1676 FP of Lully's opera Atys at St. Germain-en-Laye. CD-Lully - Atys.

  • 1683 Birth of Italian composer Gasparo VISCONTI. d-1701. Search Gasparo VISCONTI.

  • 1701 Birth of composer Johann Caspar SIMON.

  • 1710 FP of G. F. Handel's music in London. The orchestral selections from his opera Rodrigo as incidental music of a revival of Ben Jonson's play The Alchymist.

  • 1713 FP of Handel's opera Teseo in London. It closes after the second performance and the manager steals the box office receipts, leaving cast and composer unpaid. CD-Handel - Teseo / E. James · D. Jones · Gooding · Ragin · Napoli · Gall · Les Musiciens du Louvre · Minkowski [Highlights].

  • 1760 Birth of German composer Johann Rudolf ZUMSTEEG in suburban Mergentheim. d-Stuttgart, 27 JAN 1802. Search Johann Rudolf ZUMSTEEG.

  • 1766 Birth of French composer Louis MASSONNEAU in Kassel. d-Ludwigslus, 1848.

  • 1780 Death of Italian organist and composer Francesco Antonio Vallotti at 82. b-1697.

  • 1792 Death of French composer Jean-Louis Laruette at 60.

  • 1800 Death of composer, organist and teacher Johan Wikmanson at 46. b-1753.

  • 1816 Death of Giovanni Valesi Tenor Born 28 Apr 1735 Unterhattenhefen Died 10 Jan 1816 Teacher :- Placidus Camerloher Pupils :- Valentin Adamberger, Luigi Lablache, Anna Valesi Crescentia Valesi, Joseph Valesi, Magdalena Valesi Thelka Valesi Created High Priest of Neptune in Idomeneo (Mozart) Sang in premiere of Finta Giardiniera (Mozart)

  • 1833 Death of composer Antonio da Silva Leite at 73.

  • 1854 Birth of composer Peter GAST.

  • 1884 FP of second version of G. Verdi's opera Don Carlo, in 4 acts in Italian, at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan.

  • 1876 Death of Belgian musicologist and writer Charles E. H. de Coussemaker at 70.

  • 1884 Birth of American composer James Philip DUNN. d-1936.

  • 1886 Birth of composer Jose Antonio de DONOSTIA.

  • 1886 Birth of Emiel Van Bosch Baritone Born 10 Jan 1886 Boom Belgium Died 24 Jan 1940 Teacher :- Henri Fontaine

  • 1886 Birth of Elise Stunzner Soprano Born 10 Jan 1886 Dresden Died 19 Sep 1975 Debut as Shepherd Boy in Tannhauser (Wagner) Teacher :- Dora Erl Pupils :- Hans-Joachim Landow, Ingeborg Wenglor Created Mrs Gregory in Mr Wu (D'Albert) Milliner in Rosenkavalier (Strauss R)

  • 1886 FP of Anton Bruckner's Te Deum in Vienna.

  • 1889 Death of Norwegian composer Martin Andreas Udbye at 68, in Trondheim. b-Trondheim, 18 JUN 1820.

  • 1890 Birth of Foster Richardson Bass Born 10 Jan 1890 Nottingham Died 29 Jan 1942 Debut 1915 Teacher :- Thomas Meux

  • 1892 Death of German composer Heinrich Ludwig Egmont Dorn at 91, in Berlin. b-King Mt., 14 NOV 1800.

  • 1892 Death of Jean Baptiste Chollet Tenor Born 20 May 1798 Paris Died 10 Jan 1892 Created Chapelou in Postillion de Lonjumbeau (Adam) Fra Diavolo in Fra Diavolo (Auber) Zampa in Zampa (Herold) Henri in Marie (Herold) Fritz in La Fiancee (Auber) Lionel in L'Eclair (Herold) Sang in the premiere of Le Roi des Halles (Adam)

  • 1895 Death of French composer Benjamin Godard in Cannes at 45. b-Paris, 18 AUG 1849.

  • 1897 Birth of composer Albert MOESCHINGER.

  • 1897 FP of Vincent d'Indy's Istar for orchestra. Willem Mengelberg in Amsterdam and another performance by Eugène Ysayë in Brussels.

  • 1903 Birth of French conductor Jean MOREL in Abbeville France.

  • 1903 Birth of Karl Mikorey Tenor Born 10 Jan 1903 Brunn Died 5 Jun 1987 Debut 1933 Teacher :- Heinrich Knote Created Savezzo in Klein Stadt (Lehnert) Mephistopheles in Doctor Fausts Hollenfahrt(Engelmann) Sang in premiere of Die Ungarische Hochzeit (Dostal)

  • 1904 Birth of Spanish composer Jesus Garcia LEOZ.

  • 1904 Death of Antoinette Sterling Soprano Born 23 Jan 1850 Sterlingville N Died 10 Jan 1904 Teachers:- De Abella, Manuel Garcia Jnr, Mathilde Marchesi, Pauline Viardot-Garcia

  • 1906 Death of Otto Schelper Baritone Born 10 Apr 1840 Rostock Died 10 Jan 1906 Created Agamemnon in Orestes (Weingartner) Sang in premiere of Der Rattenfanger von Hamelin (Nessler) Trompeters von Sackingen (Nessler) Die Drei Pintos (Weber / Mahler)

  • 1909 Birth of composer Rudolf KUBIN.

  • 1910 Birth of French conductor Jean MARTINON in Lyons.

  • 1911 Birth of English violinist and teacher Sidney GRILLER. Griller Quartet.

  • 1915 Birth of conductor Dean DIXON in Zug Switzerland.

  • 1921 Birth of David Poleri Tenor Born 10 Jan 1921 Chestnut Hill Pa Died 13 Dec 1967 Debut as Faust in Faust (Gounod) 1950 Teacher :- Albert Sciaretta Created Michele in Saint of Bleeker Street (Menotti)

  • 1923 Birth of Margherita Casals Soprano Born 10 Jan 1923 Barceland Died 17 Dec 1980 Debut as Seibel in Faust (Gounod) 1948 Teachers:- Giacomo Armani. Ivan del Manto. Maria Gonzales, Giulia Tess

  • 1924 Birth of Marilyn Cotlow Soprano Born 10 Jan 1924 Minneapolis Debut as Queen of Night in Zauberflote (Mozart) 1942 Teacher :- Hans Clemens Created Lucy in Telephone (Menotti)

  • 1924 Birth of ballerina Ludmilla CHIRIAEFF. d-22 SEP 1996.

  • 1926 Birth of Derek Hammond-Stroud Baritone Born 10 Jan 1926 London Debut as Creon in Orfeo (Haydn) 1955 Teachers:- Elena Gerhardt, Gerhard Husch, Roy Henderson Pupils :- Anthony James, John Riley-Schofield Created Old Fisherman in Violins of St Jacques (Williamson)

  • 1931 FP of Charles Ives' Three Places in New England in NYC.

  • 1933 Birth of Japanese composer Akira MIYOSHI.

  • 1934 Birth of American-Canadian composer Wallace Taft BERRY in La Crosse, WI. Also see: Wallace Taft BERRY. d-1991.

  • 1934 FP of Franz Schmidt's Symphony No. 4. Vienna Symphony Orchestra, Oswald Kabasta conducting.

  • 1935 Birth of American baritone Sherrill MILNES in Downer's Grove IL. Debut as Masetto in Don Giovanni (Mozart) 1960 Teachers:- Hermann Baer, Boris Goldovsky, Rosa Ponselle, Andrew White Pupil :- Alan Beck Created Guido in Monna Vanna (Rachmaninov) Adam Brant in Mourning Becomes Electra (Levy)

  • 1935 Birth of composer Georg KATZER in Habelschwerdt, Silesia.

  • 1939 Death of Austrian composer Julius Bittner at 64, in Vienna. b-Vienna, 9 APR 1874.

  • 1939 Death of Hariclea Darclee Soprano Born 10 June 1860 Bucharest 10 Jan 1939 Debut as Marguerite in Faust (Gounod) 1888 Teachers:- George Stephanescu, Jean Baptiste Faure Pupil :- Gina Cigna Created Wally Strommer in Wally (Catalani) Iris in Iris (Mascagni) Tosca in Tosca (Puccini) Luisa in Rantzau (Mascagni) Odalea in Condor (Gomes)

  • 1941 Death of English composer Frank Bridge in Eastbourne, at age 61. b-Sussex, 26 FEB 1879.

  • 1946 Death of Cornelie Van Zanten Mezzo-Soprano Born 2 Aug 1855 Dordrecht Netherlands Died 10 Jan 1946 Debut as Leonora in Favorita (Donizetti) 1875 Teachers:- Geul, Francesco Lamperti, Carl Schneider Pupils :- Julia Culp, Tilly Koenen, Henk Noort, Willem Ravelli Jo Vincent, Thomas Denijs, Jacques Urlus

  • 1947 Birth of American Bass-baritone James MORRIS in Baltimore Debut as Crespel in Contes D'Hoffmann (Offenbach) 1967 Teachers:- Anton Guadegno, Hans Hotter, Nicola Miscona, Rosa Ponselle Frank Valentino Created King in Ines de Castro (Pasatieri)

  • 1948 Birth of Josella Ligi Soprano Born 10 Jan 1948 Imperia Debut as Priestess in Aida (Verdi) 1972

  • 1948 Birth of Latvian cellist Mischa MAISKY in Riga.

  • 1951 Birth of Rockwell Blake Tenor Born 10 Jan 1951 Plattsburgh N Y Debut as Lindoro in Italiana in Algeri (Rossini) 1976 Teacher :- Renata Carisio Booth, Lynn Wilke

  • 1951 Birth of American tenor Rockwell BLAKE.

  • 1951 Birth of Dutch composer Klaas ELDERING in Hoogkerk.

  • 1951 Death of Argentinian composer Athos Palma at 59

  • 1954 Death of Austrian-German composer Fred Raymond at 53.

  • 1955 Birth of American composer Charles Norman MASON.

  • 1960 FP of Igor Stravinsky's Movements. Pianist Margit Weber during a Stravinsky Festival, with the composer conducting at Town Hall in NYC.

  • 1961 Birth of American violinist Nadja SALERNO-SONNENBERG, in Rome.

  • 1963 Death of Polish composer Tadeusz Szeligowski at 66. b-1896.

  • 1966 Death of William Heseltine Tenor Born 1892 Winewall Lancs Died 10 Jan 1966

  • 1967 Death of Czech composer Vilem Petrzelka at 77. b-1889.

  • 1968 Death of Argentine composer Josue Teofilo Wilkes at age 85.

  • 1968 (9th?) Death of French composer Louis-François-Marie Aubert at 90 in Paris. b-Parame, 19 FEB 1877.

  • 1972 Death of Norwegian composer Sverre Jordan, at age 82 in Bergen. d-Oslo, 25 MAY 1889.

  • 1974 Death of German composer Martin Scherber in Nuremberg. b-Nuremberg, 16 JAN 1907.

  • 1978 Death of American composer Don Gillis at 65 in Columbia, South Carolina. b-Cameron, MI 16 JUN 1912.

  • 1978 FP of Henri Dutilleux's Timbres, espaces, mouvement for orchestra, in Washington, DC.

  • 1982 Death of composer of Yiddish art-songs, Lazar Weiner at age 84.

  • 1985 Death of Beno Blachut Tenor Born 14 June 1913 Witkowicz Died 10 Jan 1985 Debut as Jenik in Bartered Bride (Smetana) 1939 Teachers:- Louis Kaderabek, Karel Nedbal Created Forde in Lake Ukereve (Macha) Sang in premiere of La Malade Imaginaire (Pauer)

  • 1987 FP of Joan Tower's Fanfare for the Uncommon Woman No. 1, dedicated to Marin Alsop. Houston Symphony, Hans Vonk conducting.

  • 1993 Death of ballerina Diana Adams.

  • 1994 Death of Irene Jessner Soprano Born 28 Aug 1901 Vienna Died 10 Jan 1994 Debut as Elsa in Lohengrin (Wagner) 1930 Teacher :- Victor Fuchs Pupils :- Teresa Stratas, Lilian Sukis, Jeanette Zarou

  • 1997 Death of Italian tenor Alvinio Misciano, killed from a fall from a window of his home in Milan. A singing teacher to Luciano Pavarotti. Born 29 Aug 1915 Narni. Debut as Edgardo in Lucia di Lammermoor (Donizetti) 1946 Teachers:- Mario Basiola, Gino Scolari, Riccardo Stracciari Pupil :- Luciano Pavarotti Created Vasca in Albergo dei Poveri (Testi) Sang in premiere of Dialogues des Carmelites (Poulenc) Buon Soldato Svejk (Turchi) Linguaggio dei Fiori (Rossellini)

  • 1998 FP of Alan Jay Kernis' String Quartet No. 2. Lark Quartet performing at Merkin Concert Hall in NYC. Won 1998 Pulitzer Prize for Music.

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