Luisa Rosa Todi

  • 1631 English court Masque established by Ben Johnson and Inigo Jones, with Their Love's Triumph Through Callipolis. Social life in this era.

  • 1651 Birth of Italian composer Petronio FRANCESCHINI in Bologna. d-Venice, 4 DEC 1680.

  • 1724 FP of J. S. Bach's Sacred Cantata No. 154 Mein liebster Jesus ist verloren on the 1st Sunday following Epiphany. Was part of Bach's first annual Sacred Cantata cycle in Leipzig 1723-24.

  • 1737 Birth of French baritone Henri Larrivee in Lyon. Died 7 Aug 1802, Debut as Priest in Castor et Pollux (Rameau) 1755 Created Ubaldo in Armide (Gluck) Hercules in Alceste (Gluck) Agamemnon in Iphigenie en Aulide (Gluck) Orestes in Iphigenie en Tauride (Gluck) Danaus in Danaides (Salieri) Ricimir in Ernelinde Princesse de Norvege (Philidor) Orestes in Iphigenie en Tauride (Piccinni) Orestes in Andromaque (Gretry) Oreste in Electre (Lemoyne) Sabinus in Sabinus (Gossec).

  • 1753 Birth of mezzo-soprano Luisa Rosa Todi in Setubal, Portugal. Died 1 Oct 1833, Teacher, Davide Perez.

  • 1767 Death of mezzo-soprano Francesca Bertolli. Born in Rome. Created Honoria in Ezio (Handel) Armindo in Partenope (Handel) Selene in Berenice (Handel) Leocastre in Giustino (Handel) Gandarte in Poro Re dell'Indie (Handel) Dionysius in Arianna in Nasse (Porpora) Ramise in Arminio (Handel) Idelberto in Lotario (Handel) Medoro in Orlando (Handel).

  • 1810 Birth of soprano Anna Bishop in London. Died 18 Mar 1884, Debut 1831 Teacher, Henry Bishop (later husband) Created Rosalie in Vascello di Gama (Mercadante).

  • 1839 Birth of American composer John Knowles PAINE in Portland Maine. Taught at Harvard. d- 25 APR 1906. Search John Knowles PAINE.

  • 1844 Birth of tenor Julian Gayarre  in Valle de Roncal. Died 2 Jan 1890, Debut as Nemorino in Elisir d'Amore (Donizetti) 1867 Teachers, Lamperti, Melchiorre Vidal, J.Maya, C Garcia Created Enzo in Gioconda (Ponchielli) Marcello di Bruges in Duca D'Alba (Donizetti).

  • 1856 Birth of Yugoslavian composer Stevan MOKRANJAC in Negotin. d-Skopje, 28 SEP 1914. Search Stevan MOKRANJAC.

  • 1867 Birth of tenor Jacques Urlus in Hergenrath. Died 6 July 1935, Debut as Beppe in Pagliacci (Leoncavallo) 1 Sep 1894 Teachers, Anton Averkamp, Hugo Nolthenius, Cornelia van Santen Sang in premiere of Orestes (Weingartner) Wreckers (Smyth). Lebendige Vergangenheit - Jacques UrlusSearch Jacques Urlus.

  • 1880 FP of N. Rimsky-Korsakov's opera May Night in St. Petersburg. CD-Rimsky-Korsakov: May Night.

  • 1887 Death of tenor Marius-Pierre Audran. Born 26 Sep 1816 in Aix-en-Provence. Teachers, E Arnaud, Panseron Debut in Le Chalet (Adam) 1837 Sang in premiere of Le Roi d'Yvetot (Adam) Le Val d'Andorre (Halevy) Haydee (Auber) Le Demoiselle d'Honneur (Semet).

  • 1890 Birth of tenor Alessandro Valente in Turin. Died 7 Oct 1958, Debut as Turiddu in Cavalleria Rusticana (Mascagni) 1912 Teachers, Oreste Parodi, Louis Scheiwen. Alessandro Valente

  • 1892 FP of Richard Strauss' Death and Transfiguration, by NY Philharmonic. CD-Strauss: Til Eulenspiegel's Merry Pranks/Don Juan/Death And Transfiguration.

  • 1896 Birth of New Zealand conductor Warwick Henry BRAITHWAITE in Dunedin. d-London, 18 JAN 1971. Father of conductor Nicholas BraithwaiteSearch Warwick Henry BRAITHWAITE.

  • 1899 Birth of Russian composer Alexander TCHEREPNIN in St. Petersburg. Search Alexander TCHEREPNINBOOK-Alexander Tcherepnin: A Bio-Bibliography (Bio-Bibliographies in Music).Alexander Tcherepnin: Piano WorksAlexander Tcherepnin: Symphonies Nos. 3 & 4; Piano Concerto No. 6

  • 1900 Birth of American composer Joseph WAGNER. d-1974.

  • 1901 Birth of soprano Alexandra Trianti in Athens.  Died 16 Nov 1977, Teachers, Philipp Forsten, Maria Ivogun Pupil, Arda Mandikian.

  • 1902 Birth of British administrator of NYC's MET Opera Rudolph BING in Vienna. d- NYC after alzheimers disease 2 AUG 1997. Fired Maria Callas in 1968. BOOK-5000 Nights at the Opera: The Memoirs of Sir Rudolph Bing.

  • 1904 FP of Debussy's Estampes and played by Spanish pianist Ricardo Vines in Paris. CD-Essential Debussy.

  • 1904 (22nd?) Birth of dancer-choreographer George BALANCHINESearch George BALANCHINE | BOOK-George Balanchine: American Ballet Master.

  • 1909 Birth of American soprano Herva NELLI in Florence, Italy. d-31 MAY 1994. Debut as Santuzza in Cavalleria Rusticana (Mascagni) 1937. Search Herva NELLI.

  • 1909 FP of Maurice Ravel's Gaspard de la Nuit Ricardo Vines plays in Paris. CD-The Complete Piano Music of Maurice Ravel.

  • 1911 Death of American composer, pianist and teacher William Hall Sherwood in Chicago. b-Lyons, NY 31 JAN 1854.

  • 1914 Birth of baritone Julien Giovanetti in Duzerville, Algeria. Died 29 Jan 1966, Debut as Zurga in Pearl Fishers (Bizet) 19 Oct 1940 Sang in premiere of Locandiera (Thiriet) Cyrnos (Ameller) Sampiero Corso (Tomasi).

  • 1916 Birth of bass-baritone James Pease in Franklin, Indiana. Died 26 April 1967, Debut as Mephistopheles in Faust Nov 1941 Created Socrates in Pallas Athene Weint (Krenek) Grigoris in Greek Passion (Martinu).

  • 1918 Birth of soprano Ruthilde Boesch in Braunau am Inn, Austria.  Debut as Susanna in Nozze di Figaro (Mozart) 1947 Teachers, Judith Hellwig, Alfred Jerger, Josef Krips, Helene Wildbrunn Pupil :- Edita Gruberova, Eva Lind Created Doris in Werbekleid (Salmhofer).

  • 1921 Birth of American composer Seymour BARAB in Chicago, IL. Search Seymour BARAB.

  • 1921 Birth of bass Alfred Wroblewski in Wllerstein, Germany. Teacher, K Seipt Created Soldier in Men of Blackmoor (Bush).

  • 1931 Birth of soprano Margaret Nisbett in Melbourne, Australia. Teachers, Pauline Bindley, Clive Carey

  • 1932 Birth of Vladimiro Ganzarolli Bass-Baritone Born 9 Jan 1932 Venice Debut as Mephistofeles (Faust) 1958 Teacher, Iris Adami Corradetti.

  • 1932 Birth of tenor Jaroslav Kachel in Ostrava, Czechoslovakia. Created Jupiter in Kaisir Jovian (Kelterborn) Pentheus in Pentheus (Valdambrini) Rabbi in Dybuk (Fussl) Sang in premiere of Love Ballad (Doubrava).

  • 1936 Birth of Danish composer and teacher Erik NORBY in Copenhagen. Search Erik NORBY.

  • 1937 FP of Arnold Schoenberg's String Quartet No. 4. Kolisch Quartet, in Los Angeles, CA. CD-Schoenberg: Transfigured Night.

  • 1939 FP of Bela Bartók's Rhapsody in two movements for clarinet, violin, and piano. Performers were clarinetist Benny Goodman, violinist Joseph Szigeti, and Bartók at the piano, in NYC. Recorded in 1940, with 3rd mmy, as Contrasts, commissioned by Goodman.

  • 1940 Birth of American Mezzo-Soprano Jean KRAFT in Menasha, Wis Debut as Mother in Six Characters in Search of an Author (Weisgall) Teachers:- Povla Frijsh,Euphemia Giannini-Gregory, Theodore Harrison Ernst Vedal Created Juno in Tempest (Eaton).

  • 1940 Birth of soprano Louise Lebrun in Montreal. Debut in Enfant et les Sortileges (Ravel) 1965. 

  • 1941 Birth of American composer Jeraldine Saunders HERBISON in Richmond, VA.

  • 1947 FP of Roger Sessions' Symphony No. 2. San Francisco Symphony, Pierre Monteux conducting.

  • 1947 FP of Kurt Weill's opera Street Scene at the Adelphi Theater in NYC. CD-Weill:Street Scene.

  • 1948 FP of Walter Piston's Sym No 3, by Boston SO under S. Koussevitzky. Pulitzer Prize (1948). CD-Piston: Symphony No3; Yannatos: Concerto.

  • 1949 Death of mezzo-soprano Armida Parsi-Pettinella. Born 30 Aug 1868 in Gallese, Italy. Debut 1893 Sang in premiere of Guglielmo Ratcliff (Mascagni). Lebendige Vergangenheit - Armida Parsi-Pettinella

  • 1953 Death of tenor Eduard Lichtenstein. Born 1 Apr 1889 in Karlsbad, Germany. Debut as Georg in Waffenschmied (Lortzing) 1908 Teacher, Nikolaus Rothmuhl, Jean De Reszke Pupils, Claire Watson, Alfons von Goethem.

  • 1956 Birth of German Mezzo-soprano Waltraud MEIER in Würzburg. Debut as Cherubino in Nozze di Figaro (Mozart) 1976 Teachers:- Dietger Jacob, Anton Theisen. Search Waltraud MEIERI Follow a Voice Within Me: A Portrait of the Singer Waltraud Meier (Das Lied von der Erde: Gustav Mahler)

  • 1957 Death of American composer and teacher Mary Carr Moore in Inglewood, CA. b-Memphis, TN 6 AUG 1873. Taught by her uncle John Harraden Pratt.

  • 1958 Birth of Finnish soprano Hillevi MARTINPELTOSearch Hillevi MARTINPELTO.

  • 1962 Birth of English oboist Nicholas DANIEL.

  • 1967 Birth of American composer James SALE.

  • 1968 Death of French pianist and composer Louis Francois Aubert in Paris. b-Parame, 19 FEB 1877. Search Louis Francois Aubert .

  • 1969 Death of Czech music critic and composer Ladislav Vycpalek in Prague. b-Vrsovice, 23 FEB 1882. Photo.

  • 1976 FP of William Bolcoms Seasons for guitar, in NYC. CD-Great American Guitar Solo.

  • 1987 FP of Joan Tower's Silver Ladders. St. Louis Symphony, Leonard Slatkin conducting. CD-Tower: Sequoia; Island Prelude.

  • 1988 FP of Alvin Singleton's After Fallen Crumbs for orchestra. Atlanta Symphony, Michael Palmer conducting. CD-Singleton: Shadows.

  • 1990 Death of bass Tadeusz Wierzbicki. Born 1922 in Gostowo, Poland. Died 9 Jan 1990 Teacher, Lucette Korsoff Sang in premiere of Egmont (Meulemans).

  • 2003 FP of Behzad Ranjbaran's Violin Concerto. Conductor Gerard Schwarz and violinist Joshua Bell with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.

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